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Martyr's School
Located in the Townhead district of Glasgow, Martyr's School is one of the earliest buildings designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Designed in 1895 when Mackintosh was a junior assistant with Honeyman and Keppie, it opened two years later at a formal opening ceremony.

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Martyr's School was built on the street where Mackintosh was born and is one of his first buildings to feature his distinctive Art Noveau style. Visitors can admire and recognise Mackintosh’s distinctive architectural traits both internally and externally. The imposing red sandstone construction is crowned with ornately decorative finials. Internally there are lime-wash plaster walls, detailed and colourful tile work, and splendid roof trusses. Prominent external features include projecting cantilevered eaves, Japanese influenced decorative emblems on the staircase walls and spacious windows well supplied with natural light.

Designed to accommodate 1000 pupils, the building is symmetrical with separate entrances for boys and girls. This was in accordance with the education authorities' criteria for the plan and design of new schools across Glasgow at the time.

Since the 1970s, Martyr’s School is no longer utilised as a school and has transformed into one of Glasgow’s spectacular heritage buildings. This fine example of Rennie Mackintosh’s early work now serves its purpose as administration offices for Glasgow Museums. Although not a museum itself, visitors are invited to enjoy its architectural splendour by arranging an appointment to view the building in Townhead, Glasgow on the very street where Charles Rennie Mackintosh was raised as a child.